ATTx V2 Deluxe Receiver

ATT Deluxe Receiver

When combined with the ATTs heads or ATTx transmitter systems The ATT Deluxe Receiver sets a new benchmark for wireless bite alarm receiver systems.
So what does it do that the V2 receiver doesn’t?
The Deluxe Receiver now features an in-built stub aerial that gives the receiver extra range and it now uses 2 AA batteries. This small change means that the unit has longer working life on each set of batteries and it also helps to increase the workable range of the receiver, improving the signals penetration of foliage.
The casing is still the same high quality soft touch finish and is now fully waterproof!
Significant improvements to the electronics mean that receiver now has 10 independent channels (twice that of the standard receiver) and each channel can be programmed to a different tone output; selected from the 21 tones available.
Volume is adjusted through 10 setting using the SSI (Silent Step Increment) system, controlled by the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons on the side of the receiver, with the volume being indicated by the LED display on the front of the unit.
You still have the choice of Vibrate on/ off, but this is now complimented by the vibrate mode automatically switching on when the speaker output is reduced to silent.
Another really nice improvement is that the first bleep is no longer a ‘double bleep’.
Finally, the receiver is supplied 7 colour lenses (5 fitted and 2 optional colours), with all the colours available to purchase for those anglers that want to customise the colour array they are using.

ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarm

ATTs Underlit Wheel Alarm

After the phenomenal success of the original ATTs silent heads, the team at ATT have released the eagerly anticipated illuminated wheel version of their trend setting system.
The coloured LED has been moved from the front face of the alarm and is now positioned under the wheel lighting up the roller when a bite occurs.

Apart from looking simply awesome the biggest advantage of the roller being under-lit is that an illuminated wheel offers much better peripheral visibility where ever the angler may be in the swim.

The ATTsiw is supplied with a 2 magnet clear roller wheel that can be changed by the angler to have a colour matched wheel. This really enhances the colour of the light emitted and colour of the lit wheel has a deeper, richer, “lustre”...

Another big advantage of the softly lit wheel is that at night time takes don’t result in your night vision being “spoilt” should you look at the alarm.

The new Underlit ATTs heads retain the same core features, functions, size and bullet proof reliability of the original ATTs silent head.

Supplied as standard with a clear 2 magnet roller wheel.
Fully compatible with deluxe and original V2ATTx receivers.
Full 1 Year ATT Warranty.
Colours available:

ATTs Silent Alarm

  • The revolutionary silent alarm (no speaker) for use with the V2 ATTx Receiver.

    All audible indication comes from your V2 Receiver speaker, which beeps or vibrates wherever you are, not at the waters edge spooking the fish. With built in transmitters, the ATTs Alarm provides a full wireless remote buzzer-receiver system.
  • Rubberised finish - Soft touch non-reflective rubberised finish for total rod protection.
  • Built-In Transmitter - Compatible with the ATTx V2 Receiver (only) - the alarms must be programmed into a ATTx V2 receiver, which provides all the audible and vibratory indication.
  • No Buttons or knobs for increased reliability - Put your rod on it and it's ready to use.
  • "Intelligent" Protective Hard Case as Standard - This also acts as the ON/OFF switch for your
  • ATTs, disabling the battery when fitted - remove the Hard Case to turn the ATTs ON.
  • 100% Watertight...and we mean 100%! The absence of buttons, jack-plug sockets and speakers reduces the risk of water ingress and electronics damage.
  • High 'Ears' - To prevent lateral rod movement and reduce the risk of a rod being pulled off the alarm on vicious takes.
  • Unique 'False Beep' System - The ATTs introduces a bite detection system that will not cause false beeping like other roller wheel alarms do. (Patented)
  • Digital Circuitry - The ATTs alarm comes with a high standard of digital circuitry and FM Radio for total reliabilty and performance.
  • Low Battery Warning System - signals the ATTx receiver which will beep to warn the user of a low battery state on any ATTs head.
  • Full 2-year Gardner/ATT Warranty - as with the V2 ATTx System and other recently-released ATT products.
  • Multi-coloured user-changeable 2 or 4 magnet roller wheels are available separately - With the 2 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 1cm of line movement. With the 4 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 0.5cm of line movement. The ATTs is supplied with a Black 2 magnet wheel as standard.
  • Betalight Slot on each ear - Dedicated ATTs Tritium Max Betalights are sold separately.
  • Brass Fittings - fixing bolt and nut - will not corrode.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight - With dimensions of 34mm x 21mm x 63mm it is easily the smallest alarm available on the market.
  • Supplied already fitted with a Free Test Battery as Standard.
  • Available in 7 different LED Colours - Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and Purple. The ATTx Receiver is also available with all these LED options.

Coloured Roller Wheels for ATTx

with either 2 Magnet or a More sensitive 4 Magnets

Delrin wheels in white or black - available in a 2,4 or 6 magnet version.

Acrylic wheels in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple & clear - available in a 2 or 4 magnet version

ATTx V2 Receivers

Works With ATT Alarms Only
There's no need to buy the full V2 ATTx System; if you have an ATTs Alarm, simply buy the V2 Receiver on it's own!

Available in all 7 colours plus the standard Multi-Colour version, the V2 ATTx Receiver is also compatible with virtually any alarm that has a jack-plug socket (TLB's, Delkims, Nevilles, Fox...); simply buy the appropriate size of ATTx Transmitter and off you go.

With a host of features and fully compatible with all current and forthcoming ATT products, there's no wonder that the V2 System has taken the angling world by storm.

Requires a single AA Battery (test batteries included).

ATT/Neville Backs


ATT Neville backs replace the current back on a Neville Alarm which then allows you to use ATTx receivers without any additional adaptors or transmitters.

(These backs are not an offical Steve Neville product, if you chose to fit them Steve will nolonger undertake any warranty repairs you need to the alarm, however ATT will perform any repairs needed)

ATTx Rubber Stand for Receiver

Stand Only
Handy bivvy table holder to stand the ATTx system in. Allows the receiver to be perched on any flat surface.

All rubber construction gives maximum grip for both the surface on which it stands and the receiver inside.
Suitable for both V1 and V2 ATTx systems

Leather Pouch for Receiver

Pouch Only
Quality leather pouch for the ATTx Receiver.

Hard wearing, durable leather construction, felt lined on the inside.

See through window for LED visibility.
Velcro belt attachment.
Clip attachment to allow hanging.
Suitable for both V1 and V2 ATTx systems

Batteries for ATT's x3

Pack of 3, GP476A, recommended batteries for the ATTs Silent Alarm.

1 battery required per Alarm.

Warning - always read the instruction manual carefully before changing the batteries inside this product.

Extra Transmitters

Choose to purchase extra transmitters in either 2.5mm or 3.5mm.